Hinchcliffe takes advantage of INDYCAR Mobile app's capabilities


LONG POND, Pa. – There are so many valuable functions on the Verizon INDYCAR Mobile app that James Hinchcliffe of Schmidt Peterson Motorsports used it as a important tool before he made his qualification attempt Saturday at Pocono Raceway.

“I was sitting there in my car watching on the Verizon INDYCAR Mobile app because you can see all the telemetry,” Hinchcliffe said. “Everybody was struggling to do a flat lap. Mikhail (Aleshin, his teammate) went out there and nailed it and we went out there and nailed it. We wound that thing up and that is as much as we had. We are on the sharp end of the field and that is important.

“I was sitting in the car on my phone watching the Verizon INDYCAR app right up until Mikhail Aleshin took the checkered. Then I threw my phone out and went and did my qualifying run.”

Hinchcliffe qualified his Honda sixth fastest on the grid with a two-lap average of 219.463 mph around the 2.5-mile Pocono triangular oval for the ABC Supply 500. The race was scheduled for Sunday but postponed to Monday by rain.

Hinchcliffe's teammate, Aleshin of Russia, won the Verizon P1 Award for pole – the first of his career – with a two-lap average of 220.445 mph.

“It was not Russian fast – that's for sure,” Hinchcliffe said of his qualification attempt. “The team did a great job. We rolled off the truck with good cars. We tested here and were decent but had some work to do and the guys did it. It was great to see that pace in qualifying.”

Hinchcliffe utilizes the vast array of technical information available to him on the INDYCAR Mobile app that allows him to follow technical details in real time.

“I follow the on-board telemetry,” Hinchcliffe explained. “I can look at guys’ throttle (data) to see if they have to lift. I can tell by the steering angle who has understeer and oversteer. For me, it is super helpful to get a little bit of an idea on track conditions.”

There are other areas of the Verizon INDYCAR Mobile app that drivers such as Hinchcliffe and fans can use including Exclusive Content: the latest news, videos and podcasts including “The Mayor on the Air.”

“The Mayor,” of course, is the Mayor of fictional Hinchtown – James Hinchcliffe.

“What cooler than that?” Hinchcliffe said. “It's helpful. Even on the timing stand the engineers have their phones out with the app up so they can watch other cars’ telemetry. If race drivers and engineers can get something from the app, then there is certainly something that fans can get out of it, too.

“It's a blast to do the podcast. We kicked it around for a couple of years and last year we finally got it started. The reception to having it on the app has been great and hopefully it will be around for years to come.”

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